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The Benefits of Breathing Exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong

What would a person at the end of his life do for a single further year of life?

Probably everything he has and can.

At this point, it is too late to change anything.

But what is possible, for each and everyone of us, is to be more careful here and now with ourselves and our bodies. This in turn can give us several years of life, as well as more quality of life and health.

Being able to use self-healing applications, which have been around for thousands of years and have proven themselves as highly effective, is an extraordinary privilege that can not be overestimated. For example, until 50-100 years ago, Qi Gong was only accessible to noble families and monks in monasteries. The general population of China had very little access to knowledge about energy work. The same applies to the exercises of the inner energies from India and Tibet.

Having access to all this precious knowledge and methods for the first time in human history is unique and should not be taken for granted.

The proven very positive effects on the nervous system, the blood circulation, the organ function, the cell function, the immune system and many other aspects of the body and health can be achieved with these exercises in a way that is difficult or even impossible to get with conventional sports.

And here a rethinking in the Western minds has to take place. We are used to wait until we are, at worst, severe or chronic, sick. Then we hope for a quick recovery from pills, whose anesthetic effect we usually perceive immediately.

That the body ultimately always heals itself (except in surgical procedures) and can only be supported with substances from the outside we are usually not aware of.

But that's exactly what it should be!

Here everything that we do all our lives plays a crucial role, because that determines our physical and mental health.

Proper nutrition and a joyful and compassionate attitude to life are proven to be very important.

Direct methods are the healing powers of breathing, Yoga and Qi Gong.

What is crucial in these applications is the understanding that it requires continuous use to transform the nervous system, immune system, organ function, etc. over time, which then spares severe long-term illnesses and chronic discomfort and gives a body full of strength and vitality.

In fact, these methods of energy work, as far as the health is concerned, are also much more effective than ordinary sports, such as running or strength training. Because one has all the positive effects of these training methods that are widely used in our countrys, but one also gets more oxygen and relaxation.

Beyond the healing aspects of the physical body, they have a calming effect on the mind, and states of consciousness of harmony, mindfulness, and inner well-being can adjust.

May the exceedingly precious treasure of the knowledge of these methods spread everywhere and help people to a permanently healthy life with more quality and joy!

Much love


P.S. Prevention is better than cure ;-)


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