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Jonas Over, Tummo, Six Yogas of Naropa

"Meditation on the essence of mind is good. But for immediate results nothing compares with the Yoga of inner fire."

- Milarepa

About Jonas Over

Jonas Over is an international Meditation Teacher, as well as Tibetan Breathwork & Qi Gong Instructor.

Jonas read Milarepas (Tibets great Yogi) life story at the age of ten and was fascinated by his quest to achieve enlightenment and his main practice, which was Tummo (one of the Six Yogas of Naropa).

Jonas practiced within several lineages of Tibetan buddhism since then and also explored and learned other practices, such as Qi Gong.

Until today he has completed several teacher trainings and has also permission from his Lamas (Jhampa Shaneman & Glenn Mullin) to teach the Six Yogas of Naropa as well as other Vajrayana (tibetan buddhist) practices.

With a main empahsis on improving health and vitality Jonas founded the Energy Flow method, which combines Breathwork, Yoga & Qi Gong.


Together with his wife Gosia Over (psychotherapist) he runs Vajra Mandala, a Vajrayana buddhist center.

Jonas Over, Tummo, Six Yogas

Instructor certificates Jonas gathered along his path

Medical Qi Gong

Tibetan Breath Yoga

Calligraphy Yoga

Medical Qi Gong
Tibetan Breath Yoga, Jonas Over
Calligraphy Yoga
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