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Energy Flow Jonas Over

How to get a Perfect State of Health and Wellbeing
and connect to our True Nature?

The Method: Energy Flow

Energy Flow


by Jonas Over

This is your effective method to more health, physical and mental strength, a long life and the discovery of your naturally blissful nature - the flow state.

It includes elements of Tibetan Breath Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation, through which it can relieve tension, strengthen the immune system, relax the nervous system and can have many other positive effects on body and mind.

It is based on the three ways of energy work




Jonas Over
Jonas Over Yoga
Jonas Over Qi Gong

The basis of these ways are correct and deep breathing, understanding of biomechanics, developing mobility and learning to relax consciously.

The goal is to master breathing and the flow of energy through the body and to realize our true nature (a state of non dual awareness, which is in itself blissfull as well as full of love and compassion).


What are the biggest effects & advantages that can happen for you?


Mental Health


Physical Power

  • deep relaxation and healing of stress

  • reduction of nervousness and anxiety

  • relieve and healing of pain and inflammation

  • better sleep & faster regeneration

  • enhanced Self-Awareness

  • emotional health and inner peace

  • more energy in everyday life

  • better performance and concentration

  • prevention against burnout

  • reduction of fatigue and depression

  • powerful immune and nervous system

  • better organ function

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