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Michael Tschernow

After every Qi Gong Training I do in the morning with Jonas I feel very awake and energized for the day. My mind becomes free and I feel like reborn.


                                                                                               - Michael Tschernow

Katharina Petzoldt

Already after a short Energy Flow session (about 10 min) I feel more vitality and freshness. The exercises enhance body awareness, strengthen the organism and bring balance and inner peace. Applied as an immediate measure in case of stress, they are a quick help. Easy to learn, but highly effective!
                                                                                             - Dr. Katharina Petzold

Vance Posein

I took Jonas’ course on Tibetan breathing. His breadth of knowledge and relaxed personality made for a great learning experience. I have done the practice every morning now since and I really must say that I feel simply more alive and not just in the morning. I feel more energized and focused throughout the day. It is especially noticeable in the afternoon at 14:30/15:00 when normally I am fighting to keep my eyes open.

Energy Flow Training works highly effective and I would recommend it to anyone.

                                                                                                         - Vance Posein


I've been suffering from an anxiety and panic disorder for almost about 4 years. It's been a very long journey trying to find something to help me heal from this. And after taking Jonas's Breath Masterclass I've never felt so aligned before. For the first time in a very long time I'm able to actually breathe and not be anxious. My favorite portion of the class was "Tibetan Breath Yoga and Pranayama". I love doing these exercises in the morning and I feel really great after. Jonas Over is a really great teacher and very informative. What you learn in these classes is priceless. I'm really thankful that I was able to finally find something that helps me heal from my Anxiety and Panic Disorder. Thank you.

                                                                                                        - Frank Tavarez

Matt Dippl

Breathing and Qi Gong Training with Jonas has been a total game changer for my performance in the office, on the meditation cushion and in bed. There are very few people that I entrust the job to help me with my health. Jonas is one of them. He’s got the goods.

                                                                                                               - Matt Dippl

Marion at MissionBeach.jpg

My name is Marion Davis,

Born in Germany in 1956, moved to Australia in 2000. Started my career as a Bookkeeper and in the last 8 years started practicing and teaching Qigong ( Before practicing Qigong my body wasn’t in the best place (4 children, 2 whiplash, liver damage from Hepatitis, Depression). Qigong was the key and I can’t think of a day not to practice these gentle movements and also practice sitting Meditation.

When I came across Jonas Over with his Master Breathing Course after only a few days I knew that this was the missing piece I was looking for, for a long time. It enhances my Qigong and Meditation Practice. I am so happy to have found this tool and met Jonas, I will always be thankful that he is offering these ancient techniques to everyone who wants to learn. I am 64 years old, but I can tell you that age is no barrier.


Since a few months I have started repeating the exercises from the first modules of the Breath Masterclass on a daily basis. I'm only just scratching the surface, but I have noticed an energising effect. Also, I start to have the feeling that more clogged-up slime is able to leave my cavities and lungs. Apart from becoming more aware of my breathing, there is the exciting experience of connecting and working with muscles, organs and energies that I hardly knew existed. Priceless!


- Tom


The breath master class was a wonderful experience for me. Jonas has put together a variety of ancient techniques and distilled them into a practical and easy to follow framework for the modern yogi. Jonas is a great teacher and makes these practices accessible to any student regardless of experience or background. I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking dive deeper into the mastery of breath, energy and the human potential.


Tony Corral

Pic of Me.jpg

Jonas' breath classes have really helped clarify a lot of things for me. I have studied and been interested in Yoga for a long time and have read a lot of books but it is much better learning from the videos. Pranayama and breathwork teachers are not that easy to find at the local level with most yoga studies teaching fast passed asana classes. It's funny one day after doing the breathwork I was in a hurry making breakfast for my kids and burned reaction emotionally. I thought "I burned myself" and that was it. Even the pain was reduced. Normally it would have actually aggravated me. Anyway, I thought I would share that with everyone.


- Darren


Jonas has brought together truly authentic Tibetan yoga and breathing techniques in one step-by-step course. He teaches from a place of personal experience and realization. Everyone from absolute beginners to highly advanced yogis will greatly benefit from this course.


- Jason Demchok

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