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4 Life Hacks - Better, fitter and more powerful live with these tricks

Hereby I share with you my four best tips and tricks for more strength, vitality and health.

They can be integrated into any everyday life and this without requiring additional time.

Number 1: breathing

Whenever you can, breathe deeply. Whether in the car, in the subway, while walking or at work. Think of deep breathing and use the abdominal breathing (if you do not know what the abdominal breathing is, then I recommend you to read this blog article: 3 breathing exercises with which you can dissolve stress and activate your self-healing powers).

Breathing deeply and conscious during the day relaxes your nervous system, gently massages your organs, provides your body with fresh oxygen and connects body and mind.

Number 2: hot water in the morning

Drink every morning after getting up a glass of hot water (250-400ml, once boiled up). In Tibetan and Chinese medicine it is said that hot water has healing powers. In fact, hot water on an empty stomach is able to transport slag and waste out of the body. Through this it has a healing effect on the digestive system, the liver, kidneys and thus on the entire body.

After an ice bath in February 2019

Number 3: cold showers

Whenever you take a shower, do it as normal, as warm and as long as you like. Finally, turn the water to ice-cold and shower for another 30-60 seconds. This will train your complete cardiovascular system, that is, heart and blood circulation. In addition, your body produces and releases happiness hormones and adrenaline. It also promotes fat burning, works anti-inflammatory and over time makes cold-resistant.

Number 4: intermittent fasting

There are different variations of intermittent fasting. Easy to apply to daily life is a 16:8 cycle (this I also use myself). That means you only eat within 8 hours a day. For example, from 1pm to 9pm. Before and after you drink only water.

This optimizes the body's ability to absorb nutrients and gives the organs the opportunity to regenerate better within the 16 hours fasting period.

It also promotes hormone production, fat burning and much more.

Even without changing the diet, the body gains a lot of health and strength just by intermittent fasting. (Other options would be for example a 18:6 cycle or just one meal a day).

These were four effective tricks to hack and optimize your body. Hereby you have now valuable methods that you only have to apply.

These tips do not need special requirements or time to do and I can assure you that if you get used to them and do them every day, you'll soon realize how you'll be fitter, more powerful, and healthier.

That's how it was for me and for all of those who have used them so far ;-)

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With the best wishes for a long and healthy life!


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Hi Jonas - averyenglishyogi here from and on social as. I love this article - these practices are what I am always doing and encouraging others to. So straight forward and easy to integrate into daily life - the benefits are immense. Thank you - a great post

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