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Qi Gong

What it is,

what it makes unique,

why it is superior to conventional sports,

and a new way of looking at it.

Qi Gong in the classical sense comes originally from China and is about 5000 years old.

Qi means energy and Gong work. So it's work with energy or life energy.

Traditionally, there are three ways in which energy work is used; to fight (martial arts), for spiritual development and for healing.

In what follows, I will primarily refer to Qi Gong for health and healing.

The styles and exercises existing vary a lot and include a wide range of different methods to strengthen the life energy, to activate the self-healing powers, to heal the body and to maintain vitality.

The effect of Qi Gong on health

Qi Gong has a fantastic effect on health, which I would now like to discuss.

The calm and meditative movements relax the nervous system. As a result, the neurons (nerve cells) are better networked and the information in the nervous system flows better.

Furthermore, it also relaxes the connective tissue (the fascia), which makes the tissue itself better supllied with blood. As a result, every cell in the body will have fresh energy, they can regenerate faster and better, and sick cells can heal. The blood circulation becomes stronger and better.

In addition, the stored stress in the body can dissolve. In medicine it has long been assumed that stress is in the brain, but in fact it is in the nervous system and is also stored there. Qi Gong can change that and help the practitioner to become more mentally and physically well.

Also many of the exercises work very specifically with the organs, improving organ function and strengthening the immune system (90% of the immune system is dependent on organ function).

But also one consumes more oxygen through the conscious (and depending on the style also deep) breathing. This provides the brain and each cell with better and more effective oxygen delivery (in addition to the already mentioned improved blood circulation). This also dissolves the red blood cell adhesions, which in turn promotes energy supply and detoxification.

In short, one can say that all self-healing powers in the body are activated most effectively.

Qi Gong has all the health benefits of traditional sports, but also it has a relaxing and healing effect on the nervous system and one does not lose oxygen as one would during running or weight training, but also absorbs more of it.

Qi and electromagnetism

Many Qi Gong masters equate qi with electromagnetism.

What is little researched in conventional medicine is the fact that every body has an electromagnetic field that is directly related to the health of the physical body.

For example, the red blood cells are associated with electromagnetic particles and these can be demonstrably controlled by the consciousness.

Since the red blood cells also transport oxygen and nutrients, regular exercise can be used to specifically support the healing processes in the body through concentration and Qi Gong.

This is also something that everyone knows and can confirm who has come into the taste of feeling and directing the heat and the magnetic sensation in the body.

Already when I started with Qi Gong, I always saw whitish glints of light, around the hands, which changed and became stronger while practicing and in motion.

I've kept this a long time for myself, because I was not sure what it is and I did not wanted to be declared crazy ;-P

In the meantime, I have learned that there is reason to believe that the pineal gland in the brain is capable of seeing electromagnetic fields and that this is something that, if one may believe the border-scientific researchers (what I do) can also develop and use for energy healing.

The orientation of birds to the earth's magnetic field is something that has been known for some time. Likewise with snakes and bats such abilities are known.

A new definition of what Qi Gong is

During my education in Medical Qi Gong, with Master Yang and attending workshops with masters such as Lam Kam Chuen and Lama Dondrup Dorje, I have always noticed how different the systems are, even though they all make Qi Gong from China.

There are fast and slow-moving, meditative, static, dynamic /swinging and hard exercises in Qi Gong.

The step to call also breathing exercises and Yoga „Qi Gong“ is not far away. Because working with the breath and the different asanas are something that works on the energy in the body as well, so it is work with life energy.

If you look into different old cultures, then you can see how many different techniques have been developed over and over again to influence the body, the health and the mind through breathing exercises, movements, awareness training, sounds, vibrations and so on.

In the meantime, I no longer think of Qi Gong as something exotic from China, but rather of highly effective and holistic energy and health training, which makes use of universal principles.

And as it has evolved and changed in China over the millennia, it will now all over the world. Especially that we have now the fantastic opportunity to unite the principles and knowledge of other cultures and to combine the different elements.

Thank you for reading! I wish a lot of joy and health!


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